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Our work in Indonesia is clustered in three geographic areas: Jakarta, West Java and Bali, and focusses on adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and decent employment for at-risk youth.

Issues affecting Youth

The Indonesian population is very young, with a median age of 28.1 years, and the country has one of the fastest rising rates of income inequality in the East Asia region.

Challenges in Education

Challenges can be observed in secondary school enrollment and significant drop-outs. In school-completion rates, there is a huge gap between the worst performing provinces and the best. The education system in Indonesia also suffers from teacher shortages and a very low teaching quality leading to weak results when it comes to students meeting the minimum international standards in literacy and numeracy.

Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues

SRH knowledge among young Indonesians is low. Even though the Adolescent Birth ratio among young women 15-19 is on the rise, the provision of contraceptives to adolescents is not part of the governmental family planning program. Abortion is prohibited (unless the mother’s life is in danger, or in cases of rape or incest), and safe abortions impossible to access at government health facilities, with unsafe abortions contributing to an incredibly high maternal mortality ratio. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is growing, above all among young people. Early marriage is widespread.

Preparation for and access to decent work

Youth unemployment is high (19%), and certain youth groups are likely to experience difficult transitions to the labor market (young women, new entrants to the labor market, youth from rural, disadvantaged regions and low income communities). Vocational training and education institutions are undergoing reforms, but problems continue due to e.g. a lack of access for disadvantaged groups, as well as inadequate education and training to prepare youth for a job.

Our Approach to tackling the Issues

  • Support of adolescent sexual and reproductive health programs giving young people access to (youth-friendly) services and accurate SRH information including information on gender issues, in the Indonesian context especially about contraception and HIV/AIDS.
  • Support of livelihoods programs offering vocational training or improving prospects for micro-enterprises, especially for young women, with a focus on urban and peri-urban settings, as youth face greater risk of unemployment in these areas.

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