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Asociación Minga Peru

Context & Organizational Profile:

Minga Peru was founded in 1998, in the Loreto region of the Peruvian Amazon, where 40% of families live in poverty. Six thousand new cases of HIV/AIDS were detected in 2018, and domestic abuse against women continues to be prevalent in that region. Peru has the highest child labor rates in South America, with 21.8% of children ages 5-17 working in the informal sector, often in dangerous jobs. One International Labor Organization study found that 20.7% of children working in the informal sector are victims of sexual exploitation and 14.3% are victims of labor exploitation. There is a need to train youth in the Peruvian Amazon to access the information they need to plan for their futures and overcome these challenges.

Current Grant:

With this small grant, Minga will train young people in the Peruvian Amazon in entrepreneurship and sexual and reproductive health and rights, collaborating with local public schools and engaging Minga's network of female community leaders. Minga envisions cohesive communities, thriving local and international networks, and government systems working collaboratively to advance human rights, especially women's rights, in ways that are inclusive, equitable, and protective of the environment.

Grant Activities:

Radio Communication Program

Development of radio scripts and broadcasting of radio programs on the topics of sexual and reproductive health and rights, human rights, gender equity and the prevention of gender-based violence. Minga's radio programs are developed based on questions sent by community members. Once the questions are received, Minga's team reviews them to develop the content for the radio program. Scripts are then drafted and programs are recorded in Minga's radio studio. With EMpower's support, Minga will develop and record five radio programs that will be broadcasted through three radio stations, reaching 24 communities (approximately 120,000 people) in the Loreto region.

Youth training in entrepreneurship and sexual reproductive health and rights

Minga will conduct five training workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship and sexual and reproductive health and rights that will benefit 40 students (22 male and 18 female) ages 14-17 (grades 2nd to 4th). Each workshop will be divided into two parts: 1) business training and 2) health training. The first part will be implemented in collaboration with local teachers in public sector secondary schools. The health component will be conducted by Minga's community leaders. Aside from training youth on these topics, this initiative is an opportunity for Minga's women community leaders to strengthen their leadership skills, as they will facilitate the health trainings.

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