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Asociación Minga Peru

Context & Organizational Profile:

Minga Peru was founded in 1998, in the Loreto region of the Peruvian Amazon, where 40% of families live in poverty. Six thousand new cases of HIV/AIDS were detected in 2018, and domestic abuse against women continues to be prevalent in that region. Peru has the highest child labor rates in South America, with 21.8% of children ages 5-17 working in the informal sector, often in dangerous jobs. One International Labor Organization study found that 20.7% of children working in the informal sector are victims of sexual exploitation and 14.3% are victims of labor exploitation. There is a need to train youth in the Peruvian Amazon to access the information they need to plan for their futures and overcome these challenges.


Current Grant:

EMpower’s grant to Minga will provide accurate information via radio on COVID to dispel myths and boost vaccinations, and to strengthen economic activities

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