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Bahay Tuluyan


The rates of violence against children in the Philippines are alarmingly high. The latest and most comprehensive study on this shows that 66% of children experienced physical violence during their childhood with 60% of these cases happening in the home. Children also experience high rates of peer violence/bullying (65%), cyber violence (44%), psychological neglect (26%) and sexual violence (17%). The ramifications of such high rates of violence are far-reaching, including stopping schooling, developing low self-esteem, feeling sad, fearful and anxious, and being stigmatized and ostracized for life and avoiding interacting with other people. One important way to stem cycles of abuse and violence against children is to ensure that young people are equipped to be happy, healthy, productive adults (and eventually parents). Ways to ensure that children and young people are not repeatedly victimized by abuse and violence are to build their resilience, decrease their vulnerability, and help them develop practical skills to be able to cope with adult life. These skills include personal development, decision-making skills, financial management skills and a capacity to earn a livelihood


Bahay Tuluyan (BT) was founded in 1987 by a group of concerned individuals in the aftermath of the Marcos regime. The organization began as a program for street children. Today, BT has grown to a recognized non-government organization preventing and responding to abuse and exploitation of children in the Philippines. The organization is committed to building a world where every child’s rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled. BT operates from three sites, all of which it owns. These are in Malate (Manila), Victoria (Laguna) and San Antonio (Quezon), delivering social services at the grassroots level and 11 child-centered programs on the street and in communities. The programs fall under four focus areas: 1. Resilient Children (e.g. Drop In Center for children, Bridge & Formal Education Program), 2. Empowered youth (e.g. Independent Living Skills Program, Youth Leadership Development Program), 3. Safe Families (e.g. Family Support and Reintegration Program for children, Alternative Family Care Program offering shelter for young people), 4. Child-Friendly Communities (e.g. Children’s Rights Education Program, Children’s Rights Advocacy & Research Program). BT also runs two major social enterprises: a guesthouse in Manila and farms in Quezon and Laguna. Both are also youth training programs, mainly for out-of-school-or-employment youth, to help them gain valuable skills and income before transitioning into formal education or employment. In 2015, Bahay Tuluyan was awarded the Stars Impact Award for its outstanding work in protecting the rights of children.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 1st grant will enable Bahay Tuluyan to strengthen its Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP). 50 at-risk young people 15 to 22 years old will participate in a living skills camp and in regular trainings on important skills like personal development, SRH, career preparedness and money management. A part of the older beneficiaries will also benefit from on-the-job trainings. The program will allow at-risk young people, some of them living in residential care with Bahay Tuluyan, to transit safely into independence.

Where is Bahay Tuluyan?

Primary Location: Manila, Philippines


Funded Since: 2018

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