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Mfuleni is a township at the outer edge of greater Cape Town with a population of just over 50 000 people (last census data of 2011). It is estimated that informal settlements within Mfuleni have increased dramatically during the Covid pandemic. 95% of the people identify as being Xhosa. 50% of households have an average monthly income of $106. The youth population (15-35) is 46%, and 77% of these young people are in the NEETS category (Not in Education, Employment, Training or Skills Development). Young women are particularly vulnerable – 40% have not completed high school or any further education and training. 


Aspire2Gro provide young South Africans in the NEETS category (Not in Education, Employment, Training or Skills Development) and with average household incomes of less than $100 per month, with a pathway to economic self-sustainability. Their model supports young people who have dropped out of the formal schoolings system without completing it; typically young people with very basic literacy and numeracy, unresolved trauma, and from the most marginalised families in already resource-poor communities. These young people have severely limited job prospects. The Aspire2Grow model is an 18-month process that includes personal development and emotional wellbeing; basic literacy, numeracy and core life competencies; immediate access to work that generates a basic income; and intensive work readiness training and mentorship, business coaching, and internships. 

Current Grant:

EMpower's first grant to Aspire2Gro will improve emotional wellness and job readiness for 20 young women (aged 18-24; who have dropped out of school and have an average monthly household income of less than $100) through an 18-month intensive training and mentorship programme. 

You can support our work with Aspire2Gro and our other grantee partners.

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