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EMpower publications are intended to capture learnings and best practices in youth development, drawing on our grantee partners’ experiences and expertise, and in effective philanthropy. In our publications – as in all our work – we prioritise listening to, learning from and increasing the visibility and voice of young people.

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मौके की एक खिड़की

एम्पावर की यह रिपोर्ट बहुत काम उम्र की किशोरावस्था लड़कियों (१०-१४ साल) पे प्रोगरामिंग एवं फंडिंग में ध्यान केंद्रित करने की ज़रुरत को चिन्हांकित करती है।

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Una Ventana de Oportunidad

Una Ventana de Opportunidad- Programas con y para niñas adolescentes.

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A Window of Opportunity: Snapshot

Following EMpower's research report 'A Window of Opportunity: Programming With and For Very Young Adolescent Girls' this publication provides snapshot of programming and research with and for very young adolescent girls.

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A Window of Opportunity: Programming With and For Very Young Adolescent Girls

A new EMpower research report in English, Hindi and Spanish highlights the importance of focusing on very young adolescent girls (ages 10-14) both in programming and funding.

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